Tattoo Artist For Birthday Party In Delhi/NCR, Noida, Gurgaon, Jaipur

Every party or event needs some fun stuff to create memories that will be lasting and worth cherishing. With this in mind, parties and events are coming up with unique new ideas every day.

These ideas are what are setting each event and parties apart from the same monotonous template. People are willing to try new things and looking forward to innovation. Times have changed and so have different philosophies. There is no guilt in having fun and people have decided that they deserve some after all the hard work that they put in daily.

One such innovation is or new party idea that is becoming very popular is having a tattoo artist corner. Tattoos are fun and have always intrigued people but many have shied away simply because of the permanence that is often associated with the act. But in a birthday party that is rather different. Here, tattoo artists are not willing to make permanent tattoos, which are not only painful and require a lot of resolution, but also are very expensive.

This is more of a temporary tattoo zone. While this may baffle many, temporary tattoos are quite the thing nowadays. And no, they are not done with harmful colours that will ruin your skin. Instead birthday tattoo artists use 100 per cent safe and usable body colour and paint brushes. In a way it is more like body painting, but there are also some sticker tattoos for people and kids who like that kind of thing.

Our tattoo artists are extremely well trained and many of them have their own studios while some work in tattoo studios. There work is impeccable and skin safe for children and adult alike. For more info on our tattoo artists in and around Delhi, Noida, Jaipur, NCR, and Gurgaon, contact us immediately.


The Artist has been in this field for 10 years.
 The artist will arrive 10 mins before the party begins.
 The artist will perform for 3 Hrs
 Extra charges for additional duration: Yes
 Material used by the artist for the activities: Non-toxic
 Does the artist fee vary based on the number of guests: No
 Requirements needed at the venue are: None
 Extra charge for transportation: No
 The Artist covers the following areas: All over Delhi
 The Languages known are: English,Hindi