Games And Activity For Birthday Parties In Delhi Noida Gurgaon Faridabad Jaipur

Birthday parties for children are incomplete without birthday games and activities. Party games are the most important part of a birthday celebration after the cake and gifts. Parties can actually get ruined if you do not arrange for activities that would keep the children busy throughout. After the cake is cut and distributed, children look for further engagement. And if they are left to entertain themselves, there would be nothing less than a chaos. So if you want your party to be smooth running as well enjoyable for both kids and their parents, here are some  Games And Activity For Birthday Parties In Delhi Noida Gurgaon Faridabad Jaipur, that you can play with your little guests.

Hi, below are some good games and activity ideas for your kids birthday party as your pocket-friendly budget. For more ideas click on game’s name.

 Below are all games, our games coordinator will manage:-

Apple Bobbing: This is a one of the oldest birthday party games that has entertained kids for quite some time now. All you need to arrange for are some buckets, water and apples. This is one of the best games that can be played in a sunny winter afternoon party at the backyard or in the lawn. Fill the buckets with water and keep apples inside them. You need as many buckets as there are number of players.

As you say “GO”, the kids are supposed to submerge their heads in their individual buckets and pick up the apples only with their mouth. Hands should be locked at the back. The game is very interesting and your kids will love it. You can improvise the game further by putting other fruits along with apples and ask them to pick up only the apple. This makes the game more challenging and thus exciting.

Munching doughnuts: This is also preferably an outdoor game. Hang doughnuts from a clothesline with a string-one doughnut for each participant. The height of these doughnuts should be a little above the mouth level of children. At the sound of the whistle, children are supposed to run to the doughnut and eat them without using their hands. The child who finishes first wins the game. You can replace doughnuts with biscuits also.

Fishing game: This game is best for the little ones who are up to 5 years of age. Put up a blue sheet of clothe between two large chairs in such a manner that the other side of the sheet is hidden from the children. Stick cut outs of fishes of different sizes and colors so that it looks like a pool full of fishes.

Colors will make the game attractive for the kids. Next make a fishing line using a string and clothes hanger. Attach a clothes peg at one end of the string. Make an adult sit with lots of goodies and gifts at the other side of the sheet that is hidden from the kids’ view. Then ask each child to throw the fishing line over the sheet as if to look for fishes. The person sitting on the other side attaches the goodies to the peg. Kids on this side are excited to get those once they pull up the string. This is a very entertaining game as it has gifts for each and every kid of your party.