Mini Golf

Mini Golf

Mini Golf On Rent For Birthday Party in Delhi Noida Gurgaon

We offer Mini Golf Games on Rental in Delhi-NCR. golf is a game in which players use clues to hit the ball and get it into the hole. You must put the ball in the hole within the maximum strike. Those who put the ball into the hole in fewer strokes will be the winners of the game and everybody loves to play golf. Mini Golf Game For Hire In Delhi.

Additionally, we offer different dimensions that comprise mini-golf between 8 feet and 20 feet in length We are able to provide mini-golf of all sizes to your events, according to your needs of you. Mini Golf Game For Rent

Thus, a sports area in the corner of your party area, where guests could engage in miniature golf is something else to do. Thus, it makes the celebration more enjoyable and everyone enjoys the play area and has the best experience. Our mini golf experience is a blast and the best part is that it’s free. Mini Golf For Hire Gurgaon.

As people of all ages are able to play a round of golf and then relax in our shaded play space for your children. In contrast to the bright obstacles and great music this game has been played for decades is popular with players of both ages. Mini Golf On Rent In Delhi.

So we have taken miniature golf activity to new and exciting levels which will surely delight all your guests, which is why we provide a safe and safe place for your child to spend the day with their family and friends. Mini Golf For Hire Gurgaon.

Mini Golf Rental Delhi:

It’s a great game that has basic rules. The game is an engaging game that has simple rules. All over the world, there are teens, families, couples as well as professionals playing this skillful putting game. Mini Golf Near Me.

  • Equipment – A golf putter as well as a golf ball
  •  Player – Minimum four player
  • Rule: Each strike counts as one point.

Once the first player is finished the course, all players will have a certain time to complete the course. Mini Golf Game For Event.

 Each player is allowed three attempts to play this game.

If the ball isn’t able to get into the hole golfer must make the next shot from the point where the ball is. Mini Golf Rental Delhi.

The round ends when all players have managed to get to the hole, or when the time is over. Mini Golf Game For Hire In Delhi.

After each round, the number of strokes played and the time taken by each participant is recorded in addition to the points earned. Mini Golf Game For Event.

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