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Ludhiana is famous as best birthday party organizer Ludhiana & the industrial city of India. It has proved its industrial strength not only in India but also all over the world. Ludhiana is playing a great role in increasing Indian economy. It is commonly known as the Manchester of India as well as it is the industrial capital of the small- scale industries in the country.

Ludhiana has shown an enormous grown in the past 4-5 years and has shown the significant improvement in the law and order situation. Regenta Central Classic, Hotel Smart, Hotel Maharaja Regency are some of the best places to organize the party in Ludhiana. You should hire a birthday party organizer Ludhiana if you want to enjoy the party without any tension of catering, security, decorations, as well as other arrangements.

Birthday Party Organizer In Ludhiana Birthday Party Organizer In Ludhiana Birthday Party Organizer In Ludhiana

About Metro Celebrations

Metro Celebrations came into existence in the year 2007. Since then, they are serving people and providing their assistance to organize the parties. They are famous for organizing the best parties keeping in mind the needs as well as the imagination of the client.

The Metro Celebrations has a vision of working hand in hand with the imagination of the client. Their mission is to provide the best assistance to the client and organizing the best parties. The professionals at Metro Celebrations works on different themes and ideas and organize the parties, which suits the budget of the client.

Theme parties

Nowadays, everyone is demanding for the different and unique parties. The event management sector is so vast that there are thousands of themes, which can be opted according to the needs, occasion, as well as the budget of the client. If you are searching for a theme party planner Ludhiana then Metro Celebrations is the right choice.

                                           If you are planning to organize your princess’ birthday then the theme will be selected accordingly. You can also choose your kid’s favourite cartoon as the theme of the party, which would make your kid happier. Superhero themes like Spiderman, superman, batman, etc. are very good themes for boys’ birthday parties. These type of theme parties are always in demand.

Some Boys Theme Ideas:  Prince Theme ,  Cowboy Theme , Little Man Theme , Chota Bheem Theme , Doraemon Theme Mickey Mouse Theme , Disney Theme , Minion Theme , Toy Story Theme , Superhero Theme ,

Some Girls Theme Ideas: Princess Theme Ideas , Hello Kitty Theme Ideas , Minnie Mouse Theme , Dora ThemeStrawberry Theme , Bird Theme , Wonderland Theme , Star Moon Theme , Show White Theme , Frozen Theme

Some Customize Theme Ideas: Jungle-Safari   Carnival  Candy_land  Sunshine Theme   Hollywood Theme Rockstar   Bollywood Theme    London Theme   Mask Theme  Rainbow Theme Underwater Theme

Sports Theme Ideas: Baseball Theme  Car Theme  Hockey Theme  Cricket Theme  Olympic Games Football Theme   

Stage Decoration in Ludhiana Birthday Party Organizer In Ludhiana Birthday Party Organizer In Ludhiana

Games and activities

Games and activities such as pass the parcel, duck-duck-dose, the chocolate game, pin the tail on the donkey, musical chairs are some of the famous games for the birthday parties. These games encourages the kids to participate and win. This makes them happy and enjoy the party to the fullest. The professionals at Metro Celebrations organizes kids’ friendly activities in the party to increase the involvement of the kids. They also organize some activities for the parents so that they do not get bored in the party.

Games  Ideas For Birthday Party: Pyramid  Gun Shooting  Hoppla  Dart Games  Fish Pond  Kids Zone  Table Tennis  Angry Bird  BioScope  Bowling-Alley  Bow-Arrow  Puzzle Games  Snake Ludo  Virtual Games  Casino Games  Poker Games  Lucky 7  Rulat  Blackjack  Foosball  Mini Golf   Hammer Game Machine  Zip-line Game  Leap The Frog  Air Hockey  Feed The Clown Coin Ride  Electronics Video Games

Entertainers: Clown  Charlie Chaplin   Mime Show  Air Walker  Karaoke Systems  Mini dj System Hi-Fi DJ System  Longman  Balloons Twister


  1. Do you organize the marriage functions also?
  • We organize every type of event.
  1. Can you suggest some venue for organizing the party?
  • Yes, we can suggest you the venue according to your need. For that, you will have to visit us so that we can discuss about the type of event and decide the venue accordingly.
  1. Can you organize the party in fairy princess theme for my daughter’s birthday?
  • Yes, we can organize the party in any theme you like.

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