Birthday Party Organizer Chandigarh

Chandigarh is one of the most beautiful city in India thus, it is popularly known as “city beautiful” birthday party organizers Chandigarh. It is considered to be the cleanest city to live in. it is the best example of modern planning as well as architecture of India.

         You can see greenery, civilized people as well as a soothing atmosphere all over the city. The city do not have a large population. There is a long list of places to visit in Chandigarh, which adds to the beauty of the city. The very famous rock garden made by Nek Chand is the most creative place to visit.

Nek chandji has created a most beautiful and amazing piece of artwork using waste material.Chandigarh city full of famous party venues such as The Grand Ballroom at Regenta Almeida in Zirakpur. Banquet hall at the pelican at Tribune Chowk, Asian Hotel in Zirakpur, etc.

To get the birthday party organized without any stress or tension of catering games and other services, you need to contact the birthday party organizers Chandigarh.

About Metro Celebrations

Metro Celebrations is providing its services since the year 2007. It is considered one of the most efficient and successful event Management Company which is spread across many regions of North India including Chandigarh for best birthday party organized in Chandigarh style can opt for Metro Celebrations. The team of expert professionals at Metro Celeb.

               Those who want to get their kid’s birthday party organized in style can opt for Metro Celebrations. The team of expert professionals at Metro Celebrations always tries to come up with different ideas and unique themes.

                Their moto is to provide the best assistance to the client and make their special day even more special. They also appreciates the ideas of the client, give their suggestions, and come up with a great theme. They believe in working for the people, i.e. working for the happiness of the people.

Theme parties

The team of expert professionals at Metro Celebrations decides the theme keeping in mind the occasion, the need of the client as well as the budget of the client. It is famous for its unique themes and ideas. The team works on the ideas and gives life to the imagination of the client.

To organize a theme party Chandigarh you can contact Metro Celebrations any time. Birthdays are the most special occasions for every age group and the expert professionals at Metro Celebrations works on making your special day even more special.

Games and activities

Games and activities plays a very important role in making any party more happening as well as interesting. They gives a life to the party. Metro Celebrations organize different unique games for kids as well as adults. This also creates an interest in the guests.


  1. Do you organize low budget parties?
  • We organize the parties according to your project.
  1. Can you arrange a complete vegetarian catering?
  • Yes, we serve the menu according to your wish.
  1. Can you organize my sister’s birthday party tomorrow?
  • Yes, we can organize tomorrow, but is the venue decided?