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We all know Punjab is a colourful state and the Punjabis are famous for their good sense of humour and their way to entertain any gathering. Who doesn’t know about Amritsar, it’s the holy place for the Sikh and the heart of Punjab. That is why we have chosen Amritsar as our base location in Punjab to offer our services. Now you will ask who are we. We are the people of Punjab celebrations. If you are still confused, let us clear the confusion in the following paragraph.

Birthday Party Organizer In Amritsar Zorbing Ball for birthday party amritsar Birthday Party Organizer In Amritsar

Who are we?

We are an event management company basically based in Delhi but we do offer our services in several places in India. It is nothing new to know that Punjab is a place of entertainment and we thought why not we double the level of entertainment. This is we thought to start our services for managing and organising any event in Punjab.  As of now you know we are based in Delhi and Amritsar is our new branch.

Our company has been continuously providing the management services for several events like the social event as well as the corporate events, for about a long ten years. We are now opening our services for several other places in India apart from Delhi and its nearby places. Amritsar is our new to provide services. We also provide the same services which we used to provide in other places of India. So now let’s know about our services.

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What do we offer?

  1. First of all, we are very famous for our decoration for every event. Whether it is a birthday, wedding or even a corporate event we do the best decoration in the zone. We are popular for our specialized balloon decoration mainly for birthdays and sometimes other events also. Not only balloons our theme decoration is also very much popular. Whether it is a wedding or a birthday or any other event when the decoration com with a special theme then it looks much beautiful than a simple decoration.
  2. Other than decoration we are also famous for bringing the entertainment elements in the events. As for a birthday we bring jokers, magicians etc. The wedding we bring the person who can start the dancing mood and make everyone dance.
  3. We also bring food in events with great quality and taste. We keep in mind that the food is one of the most important parts of any event. People who are not even want to enjoy the entertainment part, people who are not interested to find anything new in the decoration will have the food for the event. This is why we try to bring the best quality food with great taste.

candy-floss service for birthday party amritsar roaming-magic for birthday party amritsar animal-magic show for birthday party amritsar

We try to provide our services as much good as possible. In some other places in India, we have already provided our services. Now we are up for providing our services in Amritsar. So people don’t wait much to enjoy our services and double the level of enjoyment at your event.

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