Birthday Planner Company In Delhi Noida Gurgaon Faridabad

Birthday Planner Company In Delhi Noida Gurgaon Faridabad

We have the table set, now we need to decorate the rest of the space, do it with the colors and the reason for the party, if it was a pink heart, put garlands with hearts, cut hearts to decorate the table, chairs and walls, put Tails of hearts on the balloons. So you can hire a Best Birthday Planner Company In Delhi Noida Gurgaon Faridabad for this.

You can use Bubblegum Balloons house balloons, they are tremendously beautiful, or you can make the garlands yourself, like the one we saw a few days ago in Seven DIY’s for your son’s bedroom, but in the color and shape you

Beautiful Cutouts For Birthday Party First Birthday Balloon Party

A pinata

You cannot miss a pinata, it is a staple of an anniversary party, you can make it yourself or order it, and there are many candy stores that make them by order, tell them what you want, a cloud, a star or a heart…

Although you can also do it yourself as we saw in Ten DIY’s what to do with your child, here you will find all the steps to make your own piñata, and you will see how simple it is.

A foothold

  • Another fabulous idea is to make a small foothold, where to throw the photos to your son with his friends, as if they were famous, prepare a fantasy space with the theme and chosen colors.
  • That all the friends go through the foothold, they will have a wonderful and fun memory with their friends, then you can send them by email to the parents of their friends, they will love it.
  • You can build a small cardboard set, paint it and decorate it with paper, cloth. Another option is to make a set with garlands of Pinocchio paper as we see in the photo, short strips and these at the same time makes a fringe on both sides, look what effect cooler.
  • Or do something even more original, a set in three dimensions, like this fabulous plane, which you can do with very few resources, cardboard and tape, you can also decorate. It does not have to be a plane to give it the shape you like, a cloud, a star, where the children pose inside, and you can take pictures as beautiful as this one.

Put a kiosk

Where to serve ice cream, cake, lemonade, what your child likes the most, its fun and they’re going to have a great time, serving their drinks and sweets. You can do it yourself with cardboard boxes or buy it done, here I tell you where.

The cake

It is evident that you cannot miss the cake, but other than the boring pastry cake, do something personalized and surprising, that has to do with the theme, fill it with colors, mini garlands, and funny objects, in original Seven Cake decorations very simple to make, I tell you how to do it.

An activity

  • Children sometimes get out of control, so that this does not happen have prepared some activities to do, from the basics such as eating, blowing the candles, the usual outdoor activities such as, racing sacks, or breaking the piñata.
  • You can also disguise and make crafts, design a house with doors and windows with cardboard boxes of large appliances and decorate it with markers, washy tape and colored papers.

Theme Party Planner Delhi Donald puppet show for birthday party

Some Ideas To Theme Party For Girls And Boys:

Boys Theme: Prince ThemeCowboy Theme , Little Man Theme , Chota Bheem Theme , Doraemon Theme Mickey Mouse Theme , Disney Theme , Minion Theme , Toy Story Theme , Superhero Theme


Girls Theme: Princess Theme Ideas , Hello Kitty Theme Ideas , Mini Mouse Theme , Dora Theme ,Strawberry Theme , Bird Theme , Wonderland Theme , Star Moon Theme , Show White Theme , Frozen Theme


Customize Theme: Jungle-Safari   Carnival  Candy_land  Sunshine Theme   Hollywood Theme Rockstar   Bollywood Theme    London Theme   Mask Theme  Rainbow Theme Underwater Theme


Sports Theme: Baseball Theme  Car Theme  Hockey Theme  Cricket Theme  Olympic Games Football Theme

In the last We Are The Best Birthday Planner Company In Delhi Noida Gurgaon Faridabad Ghaziabad will help you in this regards.

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